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Re: [nafex] apricot shock treatment

Gordon, it could make my head spin, this tree apprenticeship. Do I make it 
colder, or hotter?  Since your idea is easiest I'll go for that. I've got 
very a similar greenhouse right now out of a half of a 50 gallon opaque 
white plastic cola drum. that is housing all my grape and currant 
propagations in our garden. It hit 101 degrees today inside this so I opened 
it a bit. but the principle is the same.
thanks to both you and Victoria for the imput.  Del

>From: "Gordon Nofs" <gc_nofs@hotmail.com>>
>   I use the sweat method for bare root that gets them started fast.
>     I potted the bare sticks, then grouped them. Next I had a roll of 
>plastic that I made big enough to put over them to the ground. I did watch
>the temperature while in the tent, and pulled the tent up to ventilate when
>the temps started to get just above 100 degrees. I don't know how warm I
>should have let them get but I didn't want to chance cooking them. Within a
>week they all were sprouting leaves. I never lost a one of the 8 I did this
>with. I would do it again especially with bare root. I never used to have
>much success with bare root till know.
>         Gordon C. Nofs

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