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[nafex] Re: Sources for "lunchbox" apples(edible crabs)

I will have the following crabs available in 2002: 
Chestnut, Kerr, Centennial, Trailman, Rescue, Dauphin, Renown, 
These are all crabs. Frank Foltz has told me that between Kerr, 
Centennial, Chestnut, and Trailman, that Trailman is the best 
tasting. (I'm almost positive that he has tried Centennial.) I have 
tried all the above except Centennial which is highly rated even by 
more southerly growers, its also apparently a dwarf on standard 
stocks. I really like Kerr and Chestnut Crab and am anxious to try 
Centennial and Trailman due to the reports of their very high 
quality. Trail is another crab that is discussed, some say its the 
best, Frank says its not worth it. I suspect there may be some mix-up 
between Trailman and Trail. 
Dauphin is a super early bearer, (bearing on one year wood like 
Anoka), and Renown is supposed to be very, very sweet and hardy to 
zone 2, maybe even 1 although I haven't tried it. 
I will also have several others that are rather small but not 
considered crabs by most. (Red Sparkle and some of the Nor series).
I took over the mailorder aspect of Frank Foltz' nursery- "Northwind 
Nursery". He is still selling locally I believe, he had a website at 
www.northwindnursery.com but last time I checked it it wasn't up. 
So yes, thanks for asking!
Kevin B
Edible Forest Nursery
PO Box 260195
Madison, WI 53713
608 256 2659


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