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Re: [nafex] Re: chilling hours

I dont know how to figure chilling hours ....we certainly had 4 months 
completely below freezing, much below 0. I'd say an absolute minimum would 
be 3000 hours below freezing and probably a lot more. I'll call around and 
see if there is actually some gov. agency that actually records such info.? 
any idea where to learn the chill req. of manchurian apricot?  Mn. Del

>From: "Kieran or Donna" <redherring@tnaccess.com>

>The chilling hour clocks on stone fruits tick only between 34 and 45 
>(anyone want to fine tune my numbers, which are from memory).  Your trees
>might have clicked off some of the time, but then you got them warm.  they
>stopped ticking.  They're like apple trees I have heard of in Florida that
>went dormant, stayed bare a whole summer, and leafed out the following
>spring.  Apricots in general have short chilling requirements, that is why
>they do so badly for us with our mild southern winters.  They're likely to
>bloom in Febuary here.   You may indeed have to chill your trees to get 
>to come out.  Maybe a block of ice wrapped up with the pots would do the
>job.  How many hours in a week?  What do apricots generally need?  500-600
>hours?   Do you think you got half that much before you brought them in?
>Donna in TN
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