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Re: [nafex] An infamous borer?

These are the ones that killed my Roxbury russet tree last year. My fault, I didn't check it with enough attention. You have to kill the beast fast, before it does too much damage.
Sometimes, we can get them with a wire through the entrance.
I often use a syringe filled with a mixture of rotenone and safer's soap. I fill the cavity with the mixture and this often kills the larvae. Regular inspection and quick action is the key.

A 10:48 01.06.14 -0400, vous avez écrit :
I am wondering where to find information on an insect which seem to enter the base of apple trees, chewing it's way in through a pin hole from which falls reddish brown wood dust.
I'm interested about it's life cycle (it appears to spend time in the trunk of the tree and come out somewhere else leaving a much bigger hole around which there is a large part of the bark down to the wood which is destroyed).
It also appears to be an annual cycle.
Up to now, I though it was a disease??!!!??
Many thanks,
Hélène, zone 3

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