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Re: [nafex] $ value of trees

If his argument is not with the state, as mine is, he may have some recourse
with the USDA Cooperative Extension Education. They have a staff in each county
of agricultural, forestry, home economic and other specialists. Their services
are free and if they don't know the answer they will point you in the right
direction. Our local office is very active and knowledgeable in the area of
market crops including orchards.
>From what I understand of this type of situation, a future $ value can often be
estimated for market crops lost. In our case, and I assume in your friend's if
he is going to court, he will have to be sure that the appraiser he hires is
willing to both do the research and go to court. They don't all do this, and a
written appraisal is not as highly regarded as a personal appearance.
Wish him luck, ...............vic

del stubbs wrote:

> The story is too complex to relate, but an orcharding friend may soon need
> to legally defend the monetary value of the young orchard he's planted and
> tended for 5 years (not yet producing). He may be losing it all because of a
> real estate nightmare.
> Any ideas of a what avenue he can take? Thanks, Del
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