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Re: [nafex] Ramially chipped wood

>The article didn't limit the source to poplars, as I recall, any 
>deciduoius tree save the obvious walnut would do I believe, as long 
>as the branches are three inches or less.
I believe walnut is ok too, for most things; at least the few times i've used it, no bad signs; I understand that juglone is a root exudate, and of course, the chips aren't in the soil. 
One thing I'm wondering about is if slashers, hedge shears and machetes can do as well as a stinking vibrating noisy hunk of greasy steel that wants to eat your arm.
It could mean the return of the formal hedge as an integral part of a farm...
or you could do like one guy I saw, and plant red alders (nitrogen fixer) under the power line in front of his place. He gets it trimmed and chippe d for free! "dump 'em over here boys!"

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