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Re: [nafex] Peach drop...

Gee thanks everybody!
I am leaning towards the thinning issue and probably the cold snap we got.
I have failed miserably at trying to propagate through cuttings and pits of the
GMP and because of this, I let every fruit sit in place trying to well.... obviously
proliferate this incredible peach.
Neem never occurred to me other than dormant oil and will add that to the schedule
and upon examining closely, I suspect the tree actually performed the thinning
process on it's own as the remaining fruit looks fine. Time will tell.
Many, many thanks everyone for the advice.....
Best to all.
If the peaches continue to fall, I'd suspect a fungal disease.  The way to
avoid this is to spray the trees early in the season (at bud swelling) with
a fungicide or neem seed oil.  Spray again after blossom drop and a third
time when peaches are the size of a dime.  This always works for me.
Doreen Howard

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