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[nafex] Dormant grafting

   It is not to late to do grafts yet. I did some yesterday, Bark, and whip, 
also splice of dormant wood to growing trees. I also will be continuing to 
graft the same plus greenwood for at least 2 more months yet. If you make a 
nick with a knife or fingernail into the scion and it is not green 
underneath it is gone.
     Gordon C. Nofs   Flint  MI

Some of my grafts
 > >took, and some died.  Many of my late grafts seem to have done neither.
 > >These were whip and tongue grafts done a bit too late.  Do you suppose
 > >they might grow next year - like dormant buds?  Do you suppose the buds
 > >are dead but the wood's still alive?> >Ginda
 > >eastern Mass., zone 6

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