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Re: [nafex] Orchards and borer attack and mulch

I've heard some recommendations at workshops for tacking in wired tags with a
brad or small nail, about 6" of wire. This method will allow for growth with no
chance of girdling. The bark just grows over the wire which seems to be growing
out of the tree.
vic NH zone 3

Phil Norris wrote:

> Del,
> He uses upholstery foam available as scraps from any upholstery shop.
> He tapers the ends so they can overlap and also so the collar can be
> expanded as the tree grows in diameter.  Isn't amazing how every time
> you turn around the trees have out grown their tag wires.  When I
> label my trees I put a big loop of wire around the trunk or a branch
> but before I know it they are tight against the bark.
> Phil
> East Blue Hill Maine
> Z4
> >Phil, this sounds like just the idea I've been needing. I've now got enough
> >free window screen for 200 trees and have started stapling the tubes around
> >them. It's easy! Should lsat 5 years.  I'm going 2' high wherever possible
> >because that is above the normal snow line and voles are the main problem
> >here. But in discussions this winter it became clear that screen is a
> >perfect permanent deterrent of borers. My orchard is too young to know if
> >they will pose a problem, but the foam seems to be a great solution to how
> >to seal the top from them and not cause abrasion or constriction.
> >The screen prevents the dreaded weed-whip disease also, and perhaps most
> >importantly....it allows me to start heavy green manure mulching near the
> >trees - which my heavy clay is so in need of.
> >
> >Question....I think most foam would sun deteriorate, what material and what
> >thickness does your friend use?
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