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[nafex] Re: Climate zone


There has been documentation that there has been approx. 2 week 
extension in the spring and some extension in the fall of 
a "greening" up of the northern latitudes.  I couldn't find the 
article, but if I remember correctly, this finding was the result of 
trying to determine where the "missing" carbon dioxide was (i.e. our 
industrial civilization is putting out X amount of CO2, the ocean 
absorbs Y, and plants can be estimated to absorb Z, and the remaining 
goes into the atomosphere as extra CO2 A.

But X > Y + Z + A

Well it was conclusion that "part" of the CO2 was being absorbed by 
longer seasons in the north.  

I'm sure this affect is not consistent every year or even over all 
areas (particular Minnesota in its ice age  :)

Chris Mauchline
SE PA, zone 6

--- In nafex@y..., "H.Dessureault" <inter.verbis@a...> wrote:
> As anyone given some thought recently about the lenght of their 
growing season?
> A few days ago, I had this discussion with some friends that have 
also been growing all their vegetables for many years and they feel 
as I do that the growing season has been getting longer in the last 
few years. In fact, they mentioned that they are now growing a second 
crop of certain vegetables and delaying planting some Fall vegetables 
into end of July!  
> We have some birds that have extended their territory some 100 
miles further north in the last 10 years... The mournful dove that 
used to live near the St-Lawrence and the Great Lake would be an 
> Another example would be earwigs that are suddenly quite at home in 
zone 3 where they didn't seem to be able to get established before. 
Indeed, for many years they have been quite a plague in warmer zones 
and people used to joke about the earwigs being able to climb walls 
but not the Gatineau Hills... 
> As anyone been keeping records?
> Hélène, zone 3


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