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[nafex] Memberships

   There is a problem with membership in most growers organizations. I have 
found out as with MNGA that the biggest problem is that very few younger 
members join. and that during meetings you will see mostly the older folks 
who enjoy the company. Many of them like myself are in the 70's or near it. 
The ones that keep on usually are there for companionship, and like the 
company. We do not really need any more work. As for us that do it for our 
own satisfaction and not for the need or want of money we will not quit what 
we like to do and helping others to figure out what they are looking for. I 
take application forms to the county Co-Op extension service and they put 
them on the rack. There is where people come in to find out information, and 
they have a lot of free information. I know of many members that are in 
their 80's and still keep grafting and teaching people who want to know and 
are surprised when they make a visit and see that you are growing so many 
things and varieties of fruit and nuts that they had always thought would 
not grow there. At least that is the way it is here at my 2 acres in Flint, 
     Gordon C. Nofs   MNGA, NNGA, NAFEX
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