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[nafex] Noooooo....!!!!!

Tom wrote:

Hi All, Sorry I started this thread, and I end it here.

Fluffy one, I conceed your point.  Sorry to have wasted all this

My reply:


Tom, you are the only one showing "passion".  Cripes that is why I 
engaged you on this thread hoping to toss others off their apatethic 

As far as I am concerned we are just bantering ideas, I certainly hope 
I am not upsetting you because that is not my intention.

And if ever bandwidth needed to be wasted, this is one of th emore 
appropriate issues.

And let me just state it plainly, Tom, I appreciate your concern and 
your willingness to voice your opinion.  I may not always agree with 
it, but outside of the fact I think I should be annoited King and all 
should worship me, but I respect it, and th eintelligence behind you 

Kevin (the fluffy bunny)



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