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[nafex] Re: So what is the point?

Steve wrote:

that value is their unique genetic profile 

My reply:

Hello steve, thanks for your commentary.  Does anyone "in the know" 
care to offer commentary on the reality of genetic diversity in 
reference to Malus, Prunus, and Pyrus.   I understand in the case of 
Malus that there essentially is no diversity.  The modern disease 
resistance stemming from on crabapple, and the antiques basically so 
in bred that it is just random chance of the same genetic material.  
This is a way of saying there is little value in preserving most of 
the stuff as it just doesn't have much genetic drift in the first 

Besides does not our national germ plasm repositories know recognize 
and handle this type of thing.

Informed opinion anyone?

Curious, the rabbit


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