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[nafex] Climate Exchange

1.  I have noticed that many of our southern growers want to grow things
like saskatoons, lingonberries, desert rhubarb, tundra and lichens,
while northerners try to grow bananas, citrus, mangoes, guavas and
passion fruit.  This is a triumph of the human spirit.
2.  Someday we may work out a system whereby southerners can simply
switch locations with northerners to satisfy these urges.  Switchers
would have to agree to care for the pets, if any, that are present at
the new locations.  But not the kids.  They would have to go with the
3.  Maybe I'm an old poop (no, not just maybe), or maybe I just lack
imagination, but I find myself constantly looking for fruit types and
varieties that are perfectly adapted to my microclimate, even to the
point of winnowing down the apple varieties to those that do spendidly
right here in my little spot.  I have probably ripped out more than half
the things I have planted.
3.  I think I have found a good one this year in these new thornless
trailing blackberries, Doyle and Triple Crown.  We are picking these
things right now by the gallon, and this is their first producing year.
One of these nights I will sit down and write up a comparison between
these two --- and there are differences --- but if you live in a
temperate zone and want something really productive, that makes great
jelly and pies, you might want to start picking out a spot for planting
them next spring.

Reasonably happy with my climate, Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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