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[nafex] blackberries

Don, I look forward to your blackberry comparison report, I'm salivating at 
the thought of a gallon of blackberries

My report on the third year with chester thornlesss and illini hardy upright 
here in Z2/3.....last winter we had only a few days below minus 30 and had a 
foot of snow then, so some of the previous years canes survived below the 
snow and are now showing a couple quarts of reddening berries! This means 
they will likely beat the sept frosts.
I wanted to train the new growth to stay low but found them impossibly 
brittle at any stage to bend so I've been snipping off all growth above my 
knees and the prognosis looks hopeful for next year (if we have snow cover).
the chester are producing less but also showing color.
Any hints at inducing earlier blooming and ripening?

>From: Don Yellman <dyellman@earthlink.net>
>3.  I think I have found a good one this year in these new thornless
>trailing blackberries, Doyle and Triple Crown.  We are picking these
>things right now by the gallon, and this is their first producing year.
>One of these nights I will sit down and write up a comparison between
>these two --- and there are differences --- but if you live in a
>temperate zone and want something really productive, that makes great
>jelly and pies, you might want to start picking out a spot for planting
>them next spring.
>Reasonably happy with my climate, Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA

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