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Re: [nafex] Evans Cherry

Bernie, If I could acquire a sack of evans seeds, propagate them, and graft 
onto them the next year....then plant the sucessful grafts so they top 
root....would'nt it solve compatability and root stock questions as well as 
save me the costs of buying less then hardy rootstock.. I dont have access 
to tissue culturing, or root suckers.
Thanks, Del

>From: Bernie Nikolai <Nikolai@v-wave.com>
>It may be okay to have it grafted on Mahaleb or Mazzard.  It hasn't been
>tried up here as those two rootstocks would not normally be considered 
>in zone 3.  We just get tissue cultured plants or dig up root suckers.
>Evans grafts readily, but seems to invariably die over the winter unless 
>on its own roots.

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