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[Fwd: evans cherry]


"Lawyer Nursery, Inc." wrote:

At 08:59 PM 07/12/2001 -0500, you wrote:
>hello I'm a fruit grower in Northern Minnesota, did a purchase of your
>rootstocks through a neighbor 2 years ago. I understand you stock the
>evans cherry.....is this from seed, tissue culture, grafted, or ?
>thanks Del Stubbs

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   Part 1.3Type: Plain Text (text/plain)  Macintosh%20HD/Desktop%20Folder/evans%20cherry Macintosh%20HD/Desktop%20Folder/5pagescode%20evans%20cherry.cwk

Ginda, when i hit 'forward' it seemed to exclude the attachment, so i plopped onto this page a few of the attempted translations i've made, obviously i'm a complete novice at all this,  I don't expect you can translate this stuff either, but thanks for trying! del