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Re: [nafex] Fruitgrowing and tetanus

I'd think a healthy kid might get scratched by a dirty nail and not
mention it to her parents.  Kids get cuts a lot more often than adults,
and are a lot less reliable about washing them.  Call the doctor and
explain about the manure and the farm.  There are lots of urban and
suburban kids (not to mention adults) at lower risk than your daughter. 
I'd guess the national supply can accommodate her.


DocKW@aol.com wrote:
> Normally, an adult requires a booster once in ten years to remain up
> to date;
> most of us go a lot longer between boosters and do just fine.
> I would suspect that if your daughter was previously immunized a year
> or two
> would not be a problem since an incident like stepping on a  nail
> would
> automatically place her (or anyone else) on the 'priority' list for an
> immediate booster shot.
> They are giving it out without a problem in such cases.
> Karl W. Olson, D.M.D.
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