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[nafex] early crop

  I just harvested a bumper crop of Imp. Epineuse plums. This 8/1
 harvest is 4-5weeks earlier than the books say it should be. Since
 this is the first year of fruit I wonder if I have the correct
 cultivar or if the crop can come so early. This Spring was not early.
 The growing season was near perfect- but can the crop come so early?
       I have many plum trees but am relatively new at growing fruit.
 To further befuddle me other cultivars are not early: The Stanley
 looks to be several weeks off. My Waneta     & Superior need another
  week or two.
    My Peaches& Apples look only a week or two early.
   I can see it is a good year all around but can a crop of plums
  come in 4-5 weeks early? I should say that I am in central N J.
  Zone 6   Thanks for any help.
                               Chris Duffy  Stockton, NJ

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