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[nafex] Hand Sprayers

Some basic advise, don't get one of the very economical ones that are made
of two pieces of molded plastic with a seam running down two sides - they
split after a while.

I bought a Tecnoma 1 gallon 'Professional' model for maybe $25 five years
ago and have sprayed a lot of Surround and other products with it with no
trouble.  The directions tell you what basic maintanence is needed.

I also bought a similar type sprayer that advertised Round Up.  The price
was very reasonable since it was a promo and the quality is good.


Ginda Fisher <ginda@concentric.net> on 08/09/2001 10:45:35 PM

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Subject:  [nafex] Hand Sprayers?

 Starting next year, I'd like to spray some plants.

Like many backyard gardeners, I've made do with a hose, a watering can,
and the occasional pre-packaged spray from the garden shop.  But I'd
like to try Surround and some foliar stuff, and who knows, I may even
spring for a fungicide for the apple tree.

I'd appreciate any advice on what equipment to get - recommendations of
type, brand, or sources would be appreciated.  (I've never seen a spray
rig for sale.  I'm sure someone sells them, but not my local hardware
shop.)  My needs are modest.  A baby apple tree, a grape vine, maybe
some odds and ends if a late freeze is predicted or something.
Something small that's easy to use and to clean would be ideal.

Ginda Fisher

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