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Re: [nafex] Meyer Lemon

Hi Sam,
    I've generally had good luck with citrus, but of course it is a lot
warmer here in summer.  Everything is outdoors all summer to get all the sun
possible.  They are watered every day, even if the soil is somewhat moist
looking and feeling.  They all go into a sun room for the winter when frosts
start, but I try to put the best ones out for sun on warm winter days.  The
sunroom gets down to 34 F. on some nights, but that doesn't seem to harm
anything.  The Meyer is forever putting out flowers and forming fruits
except in Nov. Dec.  Others seem to flower mainly once a year.
    This may shock you, but the only fertilizer I use is urine, diluted 50%
with water.  About once every 3 weeks in summer.  To get rid of the smell,
just water lightly after.  Citquats are loaded, got quite a few grapefruit,
lemonquat, kumquat, calamondin (another perennial bloomer and bearer) and a
few that haven't done anything yet.
   Hector Black zone 6 middle TN

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> I am having poor luck growing Meyer Lemons.
> I know regular citrus like to dry out between waterings.
> Is the Meyer different?
> Does it require it to be more moist ?
> The leaves just seem to yellow and drop off and then the twig dies back.
> Any help out there?
> I have just moved it into the sun room so it will be warmer during the
> day.
> Up to now it has been cool at night for it outside, 50s.
> The days have been up in the 60s.
> Oregon coast.
> Sam
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