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[nafex] northern apricots

A couple weeks ago a friend in the town of Bemidji (25 mi from us) said he 
was picking apricots. Apricots! I came running, ate my fill of delicious 
cots on the small university campus on a main thoroughfair. This town is in 
on the northern end of zone 3. The trees were not protected by buildings. By 
the rotting fruit and seeds on the ground I'd estimate it put out at least 
bushel of fruit. One delivery fellow stopped to say "You're late, Ive been 
enjoying these great peaches for a couple weeks!" Apricots rotting along a 
main sidewalk in northern Minnesota, some things will never make sense
I've corresponded with Bob Purvis about it, and his conclusion so far is 
it's Moongold, with a slight possibility of Scout. This tree is 6 to 8" at 
the base. Next to it is a much smaller apricot (2-3" base) which still has 
not ripened.
I called the grounds keeper and he had no way of knowing the variety or 
planting date. I asked a friend with a digital camera to go take pics, I 
loaded them onto the nafex yahoo site (4 pics listed as northern 
apricot).Unfortunately, too late for pics of the large trees fruit.

Years back I corresponded with Gary Stedmiller in Bizmark S.D.about 
apricots, does anyone have a fresh e-mail address for him?

I've gathered a bag of seeds. Be happy to share them. The presumption is 
that this is a selfruitful tree with no other pollinizers around, and will 
come true to form. I've had such poor success grafting apricots onto my 
manchurian stock, I have hopes of just starting from seed.
Has anyone raised cots from seed? Thoughts on stratifying?
Will be checkng on the small tree again shortly. Del

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