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Re: [nafex] Rooting grapes?

Tom, for the last two years I have pruned my dormant Canadice grape and
dropped a couple of 8" pieces of stem into a glass of water which I put
on the kitchen windowsill.  The idea was just to force the stem to leaf
out to get some greenery in the kitchen.

Both years all the cuttings have rooted.  My kitchen is fairly warm
(room temperature, maybe a bit colder right next to the window) and the
window faces north.  I haven't bothered to plant any of them, as I don't
have any place to put another grape vine.  (I offered some to a friend
who wants canadice, but she was too overwhelmed with her toddlers this
year to plant anything.)  One of this year's is still living in the
glass of water.

So I'm puzzled in the spring when people are talking about keeping sand
damp, etc. to root grape cuttings.  Maybe some cultivars root more
easily than others, or maybe roots generated some ways are more likely
to transplant into strong vines than others, but from my limited sample
(5 branches, all one cultivar) it looks like rooting dormant cuttings is
incredibly easy.

Ginda Fisher
Eastern Mass., zone 6

Thomas Olenio wrote:
> Rooting Grapes?
> Hello All.
> I was doing some light pruning of my grapes, and tossed the cuttings into
> a shallow wheelbarrow with 3-4" of water in it.  The wheelbarrow was in
> full sun and we had a hot spell (over 90F), and the water was kept very
> warm.
> In 10-14 days roots have started to form on these cuttings.
> This would be a lot easier than using dormant cuttings, or was I just
> lucky?
> I keep this wheelbarrow full of water as I soak my hanging baskets in it
> periodically.
> The trick must be full sun, and very warm water.
> Opinions?
> Regards,
> Tom
> --
> Thomas Olenio
> Ontario, Hardiness Zone 6a
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