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Re: [nafex] Making Grape Jelly

Have you thought of canning grape juice, too?  It's great. You don't need a
pressure canner for juice or jelly.  There is so much sugar in the juice and
jelly that spoilage is not a problem.  About the consistency of your jelly.
There is much natural pectin in Concord juice that you do not need to add
any.  But, the trick is to cook it down to the point where it is jelling in
the boiling form.  The standard method of testing is called sheeting.  Take
a clean tablespoon and dip it into the cooking jelly.  If the jelly rolls
off the spoon when tilted, cook further.  You want the  jelly to sheet the
spoon and remain--no dripping.  That's the jelly stage.  Then pour into hot,
sterilized jars, top with sterilized lids and rims, turn the jars upside
down on a clean towel for 20 minutes and then turn upright.  Within 10 to 15
minutes, you will hear the tings and pops that mean the jars have sealed.
All you need a kettle for is to sterilize the jars, lids and rings.
Doreen Howard

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Date: Monday, August 13, 2001 2:55 PM
Subject: [nafex] Making Grape Jelly

>Hi NAFEX Pros:
>This year finds me with an abundance of seeded Concord Grape and the need
>great to make jelly and anything else I can do with them.  In the past when
>I made grape jelly some jars came out fine, but, others were not as firm as
>a good jelly should be.  Also the pot that I used to boil the jars in has
>developed holes in the bottom and needs to be replaced.  I looked at a
>pressure canner at the local hardware store and wondered if this is what I
>The grapes are about 5 to 7 days away from being "just right" after a dry
>summer where most of the lawn turned brown and the grapes thrived.  In the
>past 3 days we have had 11 inches of rain and up to 5 more inches of rain
>expected in the next 3 days as the thunderstorms roll through.  What can I
>expect in the way of an impact on the grapes?
>Ward Barnes
>Costal Zone 7
>Near the Rappahannock River and Chesapeake Bay.
>Wake, VA
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