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[nafex] Re: more on urine

--- In nafex@y..., "victoria l. caron" <vicaron@g...> wrote:
> If anyone has ever read Malabar Farm by Louis Bromfield, he makes some
> great claims for urine as fertilizer also. In the book he stresses
> avoiding the loss of beneficial soil nutrients found in livestock manure
> by bedding animals deep and thus not losing urine into the ground in
> open shed barns, but having it absorb into the straw and be spread with
> manure.
> Another use for human urine taken from the book Never Cry Wolf mimics
> animals marking their territory. I can say from experience that this
> works. By pouring a trickle of urine around the perimeter of the garden,
> it is possible to repel many types of animals from entering it. The
> garden will be surrounded by an invisible fence. We used it many years
> ago when we had a woodchuck family denned less than 10' away on a
> neighbor's land. Renewed weekly, depending on weather, it worked well
> then and I've been told that it works equally well to keep dogs out of
> plantings. Maybe someone could experiment with it around fruit tree
> plantings for deer repellent.
> gotta go ... gotta go ... gotta go ..................vic NH zone 3

I would cut a little urine in my watering for the greenhouse, but I stopped 
because I heard that urine had alot of salts in it. This would build up
in potted plants and compost piles.  

I guss I was told wrong then?

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