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[nafex] urine

For me, one of the more important aspects of recycling human waste is that we are polluting our rivers, lakes and seashores with something that we should return to the land that it came from.  Admittedly, agricultural waste may play a larger role in water pollution than human waste, but why put into rivers, oceans and septic systems, good potential fertilizer and then use fossil fuels (natural gas for Nitrogen) to replace them?  Why expend energy to mine and ship potash and phosphorus when they are available from this other source?  It completes a cycle, a natural cycle that increased the fertility of the soil for millions of years.
    I agree that one must be cautious - there are diseases transmitted through human waste.  But there are ways - primarily composting - of destroying them.
    To those of you who say "that's a lot of shit!"  I agree, it's a huge amount.  But we need to begin somewhere.
                Hector Black  zone 6 middle TN  (where the outhouse is still to be found).

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