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[nafex] raspberry shelter

our 50' row of autumn bliss are setting on another bumper crop of little 
green babies just in time to get well frosted. So I'm willing to try 
sheltering them. A neighbor bought some 3/4 pvc pipe and connectors and will 
cover with clear plastic to make a sort of quansit hut for his tomatoes.Its 
the only idea I have.

Anyone out there done this for razzies?

I'm wondering if putting it on now (while temps are 45 to 70F ) if it would 
warm enough extra to speed ripening. Is there an ideal max. temp for 
raspberry production?

On the other hand, if I go to this trouble to frost protect, and then it 
doesn't get over 45 or 50 when they get close to ripening will they even 
ripen....so what is a botttom temp. to get reasonable ripening?
Getting blissful about the thought of rapberry jam in January, Mn. Del

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