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Re: [nafex] Want to buy sweet acorns

At 06:53 PM 08/29/2001 -0400, Joe wrote:
>I am in the market for approximately 100 sweet acorns.  I have a slight
>preference for Burr oak and hybrids of Burr oak.  I intend to plant them
>in their permanent location.  Can anybody in NAFEX land help me out?

Depending on how voracious the squirrels are this year, I may be able to 
come up with some Bur oak acorns, though the young tree(the only one in 
town, other than my young seedlings) probably won't produce anywhere close 
to 100 - or, at least, I probably won't be able to beat the squirrels to 
that many.

Contact Don Cobb, who's the NNGA Edible Oak committee chairman.  Don has or 
has access to a wide selection of oaks, including a number of hybrids, and 
has made several selections for low-tannin acorns.
I've got grafted specimens of his three Q.bicolor selections, but have not 
had success(yet) getting 'takes' of his bur & white oak selections.
Donald G. Cobb, 625 W. River Rd., Waterloo, NY 13165, 315-789-3701.  You 
can get an email message to Don via his wife Ann: acc3@nysaes.cornell.edu

If you aren't on the mailing list for Ken Asmus' OIKOS Tree Crops, email 
Ken (oak24@aol.com) for a copy of the catalog.  Ken is the NAFEX Oaks 

Another good source for acorns is Guy Sternberg's Starhill Forest Arboretum 
in Petersburg IL - you're too late to place an order this year, as he has a 
cut-off of 15 Aug, but you could email for a species list at: strhlfrst@aol.com
While you're at it, visit the International Oak Society website:

Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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