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Re: [nafex] raspberry transplanting and autumn bliss roots

Thanks Don and Lon, My conclusion then is to wait till frost is out next 
spring, take a sharp flat spade and go down the outside of the 4'wide area I 
intend to keep in raspberries. Then lift up the soil outside this area and 
salvage any roots I can find.

Anyone wanting Autumn Bliss roots contact me next March, be glad to supply, 
perhaps trade for other raspberry roots or?  Mn. Del Z2/3

>From: "Lon J. Rombough" <lonrom@hevanet.com>

>Raspberries sprout from roots, so just get all the roots you can.  I worked
>at a berry nursery years ago and when dormant raspberry plants were 
>the root mass was trimmed with a hatchet.  The pieces, many of which were
>less than 1/8 in diameter, were gathered and stored in plastic bags in a
>cooler.  In spring, rows were dug and the roots were spread in the row and
>covered, and by fall the rows were thick with small diameter raspberry 
>that were used as planting stock.

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