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[nafex] budding NS


I also have much less success with budding (versus springtime grafting) and I
think the problem is that I use rootstocks on which the grafts failed in the
spring, rootstocks which are weak or scruffy, or second class rootstocks.

Northern Spy on dwarfing rootstock does work and it will shorten the time to
fruiting.   I think M9 rootstock will still take about seven years to fruit.  M27
should fruit a few years earlier. But you must watch your pruning ... it is easy
to prune off flower buds.  Keep lateral branches at about 45-60 degrees.

We had a discussion about Northern Spy a few months ago and whether it was a tip
bearer.   I still think it's a tip bearer although some others said NO.

The most common problem is when people buy NS to espalier, prune the tree as
espaliers should be pruned and get no fruit ... for many years.     When they stop
'espaliering' and leave all risers of (about) 12" or less, they'll get fruit.   NS
is still 'late to bear', but if you treat it differently from other varieties,
you'll get apples sooner (maybe four years). I'd also give it more phosphorus to
encourage the formation of fruit buds.

Back to budding NS at this time of year.  Choose a healthy (3-4'), still growing
rootstock (terminal bud has not yet formed).   I bud vigorous varieties at about
6-8" (the more rootstock showing, the dwarfer the tree). Match cambiums and and
wrap bud carefully (I've been covering the whole bud in my latest budding
attempts). Remove plastic tie after about three weeks.  Cut top of rootstock back
in about March (depending on your area).

Don't give up.


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: Unfortunately, I've probably attempted budding 20 times and have
: never been successful.
: My problem with Northern Spy may be that I've been trying to graft it
: on very dwarfing rootstock.  I thought this might speed up the time
: to fruiting (as my fathers semi-dwarf N. Spy just fruited this year
: after being planted twelve (or more) years ago).
: Chris Mauchline
: SE PA, zone 6

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