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Re: [nafex] Boston Apricots

Don, Thanks.  Richard sent me his picture, which is pretty indeed.  
In your yard, is Puget Gold sickly, or is it just smaller than Tomcot? 
This tree has to be elbowed into a city lot, so smaller might be good,
although my friend did say that a little shade would be nice.  Cambridge
is coastal, so the climate is similar to coastal Maine, but a bit warmer
(both summer and winter).  I suspect either will do, and I may chose
based on availability.  

Thanks again,

Don Yellman wrote:
> Ginda:  I was the instigator of the Tomcot discussion, for better or
> worse, and am located on the cusp of the 6/7 line in Northern Virginia.
> I think it would be ideal for the location you are describing.  I don't
> know what rootstock my trees are on (they came from Mellinger's in
> Ohio), but they are what I would call very vigorous growers, and
> precocious bearers.  I have subsequently planted a Puget Gold on St.
> Julian A that is growing much less vigorously.  You should see the Puget
> Golds that Richard Ossolinski is able to grow up in coastal Maine; he
> once sent me a photo of them --- suitable for framing.  For a number of
> years I had only one Tomcot, and it set fruit regularly, so I don't
> think it needs a pollinator.  I think this is true of most apricots,
> although set may be improved with more than one.  The problem here is
> those rogue freezing nights in mid to late April, and I am determined to
> deal with that by putting out hoses and sprinklers should it occur again
> next spring.
> Rgds, Don Yellman, Great Falls, VA