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[nafex] bud118 propagating

2 months ago I posted a query about stooling a b118 whose graft had failed - 
and had 4 suckers.   The 2 replies said ...use bread ties to constrict the 
juices.....or, just pile dirt around it, they naturaly root.
In this highly scientific experiment :) I found both to be true. but the 
shoots with bread tie restriction had much longer roots, one of the sprouts 
breaking off at the tie when I moved it and having sufficient roots to go it 
alone.  My efforts a year ago at stooling prunus americana all failed to 
self-root, so I'll give gread ties a try next year on them.    Thanks Mn. 
Del,    where we still haven't had a real frost, and the yelow jackets have 
gone to bed -- so were getting autumn bliss raspberries yet.

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