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RE: [nafex] bud118 propagating

What is also done when you split the stock that is under ground is stick a 
small stick in to hold open, and sprinkle some hormone powder in it and 

Gordon C. Nofs
Flint, Michigan

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Subject: RE: [nafex] bud118 propagating
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I've just tried this on my Bud 9 rootstocks where the grafts did not take
and I had a few suckers.  I dug a small, elongated pit next to the "tree",
and gently bent the sucker in the pit to judge how it would fit.  At the
"bend" of the stick, I made a small incision with a pocket knife on the
bottom of the sucker so that I almost split in half but still had a portion
of the bark (cambium, xylem) attach on top.  I then anchored it with clothes
pins to hold it in the ground, then covered it with soil.  I'm very
satisfied with the results, and will transplant the results in springtime to
a new location.

Brian, Sheridan, IN where I just finished picking my first crop of Empires.
Great taste, and very clean with minimal spraying this spring.

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Subject: [nafex] bud118 propagating

2 months ago I posted a query about stooling a b118 whose graft had failed -

and had 4 suckers.   The 2 replies said ...use bread ties to constrict the
juices.....or, just pile dirt around it, they naturaly root.
In this highly scientific experiment :) I found both to be true. but the
shoots with bread tie restriction had much longer roots, one of the sprouts
breaking off at the tie when I moved it and having sufficient roots to go it

alone.  My efforts a year ago at stooling prunus americana all failed to
self-root, so I'll give gread ties a try next year on them.    Thanks Mn.
Del,    where we still haven't had a real frost, and the yelow jackets have
gone to bed -- so were getting autumn bliss raspberries yet.


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