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Re: [nafex] Ontario's New Wine Industry

FWIW, there is a group dedicated to winemaking in Canada, called "Growwine".
 Contact the list owner about joining - "Larry Paterson"

Ice wine - this is made when the ripe grapes are allowed to freeze on the
vines.  They are harvested while still frozen and pressed quickly.  The
resulting juice is very concentrated and the sweet wine from it is extremely
fruity and has very intense character.  It's second only to
Trockenbeerenauslesen, which is a type of Reisling wine made from grapes
infected with "noble rot" - botrytis.  Only in this case the botrytis just
starts to infect the berries enough to make the skin permeable, then the
weather warms enough to stop it's growth and concentrate the grape.  It
takes a special combination of moist nights and warm days.  The resulting
wine is absolutely amazing.  I've had it once and it took me over a half
hour to drink about a tablespoon of it - the aroma and flavor are so intense
you need not do more than wet your lips with it at a sip.
-Lon Rombough
Grapes, writing, consulting, more, plus word on my grape book at

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>Hi Victoria,
>I was very impressed by some of the local Canadian wines I brought back from
>my Toronto visit.
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>> Here is an article from a news site to which I am subscribed. To open
>> articles a password is needed, so I copied it to pass it on.
>> September 17 ,2001
>>             Canada's Wine-Producing Region a Climatic Wonder

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