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[nafex] new ribes list servers

A felow nafexer asked me to try to post this, Mn Del

The following lists are now available, and you may subscribe to as many as 
fit your interests. We ask that you keep discussion
focused on the industry sector as described. List administrators will serve 
as monitors of the discussion, and can refocus
discussion as necessary. Please refrain from posting personal messages on 
the list serv, and don't use your reply button to
answer discussion until you have removed the original sender's message, and 
are sure you want your message posted to the entire

Instructions for subscribing and unsubscribing can be found at the end of 
this message.

Description of New Lists and Addresses of List Administrators

List Administrator: Neks@post.tele.dk (Niels Erik Simonsen)

This list targets commercial Ribes growers(gooseberry/currant). The purpose 
is to provide a forum for solving production
challenges, improving production, and improving management of the farm 
business. This international list is open to all
producers and support staff involved in production of the fruit. Discussion 
will be related to production and farm business or
marketing issues.

List Administrator: Ribes60@currants.com (E. F. Mashburn)

The target audience is small scale growers of ribes who will have different 
challenges than the commercial grower. Discussion
for those Ribes growers with hobby and small scale interests will be 
available. Growing, processing, and selling fresh fruit and
processed products is the focus.This international list is open to all 
producers and support staff involved in production of the
fruit. Discussion will be related to small scale production, business or 
marketing issues.

List Administrator: Hanne.Lindhard@agrsci.dk (Hanne Lindhardt)

The targeted audience for this list is Ribes researchers and extension 
workers. The purpose is to provide a forum so that workers
involves with research and development of Ribes can discuss challenges, 
coordinate efforts to avoid unnecessary duplication, and
address local and international issues. Cooperation on projects can be 
facilitated. Discussion can take place between those
involved with research and development in the Ribes industry.

List Administrator: Michael.J.DUNSIRE@sb.com (Michael Dunshire)

The targeted Audience for this list is primary and retail Ribes processors. 
The purpose is to provide communication between
companies producing primary product including frozen and dried fruit, or 
puree and syrup. Also to include those representatives
of companies making finished product for the retail market. Locating 
product, discussion about existing supply and demand
prices, policy and regulations, and new product development, packaging, etc. 
are among topics for discussion.

List Administrator: Tuija.tanska@puutarhaliitto.fi (Tuija Tanska)

The target of the list is those folks involved in the marketing of fresh and 
processed berry products. The purpose is to develop
local and international strategies for increasing demand for Ribes fruits 
and products by examining international regulations and
policies, developing marketing strategies and materials, examining supply 
and demand issues, and looking for ways to improve
distribution, dealing with issues and challenges related to marketing as 
they arise. Provide a discussion format to include all folks
involved with marketing of Ribes crops.

List Administrator: Piers.tippett@farmline.com (Piers Tippett)
The targeted audience of this list is Ribes propagators, plant patent 
owners, and other related nurserymen. Issues and challenges
of propagation, distribution of plants, patents, etc are to be discussed.

List Administrator: anni.honkanen@joonasint.fi (Anni Honkanen)

The targeted audience for this list is those folks who supply equipment, 
supplies, and consulting services for the Ribes industry.
Needs of producers, regulations, cooperative projects, and industry issues 
and challenges are to be discussed. Grower and
processor requests can be part of the discussion.

List Administrator: sam44@cornell.edu (Steven McKay)

The target audience of this list is those folks who are serving in 
leadership positions of the TIRA organization. Administrative
matters regarding regional, standing committee, and special committee can be 
discussed here. The purpose is to work toward
development of the Ribes industry through cooperative projects and 

List Administrator: sam44@cornell.edu (Steven McKay)

The list is intended for those folks with a special interest in 
gooseberries. The group is focused on production of dessert
gooseberries on an international scale. The development process will be the 
topic of discussion. Processing gooseberries could
also be discussed.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe
If you wish to unsubscribe, please take the following steps:
Send an e mail to listproc@cornell.edu. Do not include anything in the 
subject line, and do not include signature information.
Simply type    unsubscribe list name   in the body of the letter. Detailed 
steps and illustrations for unsubscribing can be found

To subscribe to any of the other lists, you must send an e mail to 
listproc@cornell.edu. Do not include anything in the subject
line, and donít include signature information. Simply write: subscribe list 
name your name. You leave one space between
subscribe and list name, and between list name and your name. Detailed steps 
for subscribing can be found at:

Thanks for your interest in Ribes and TIRA, and feel free to contact me or 
one of the list administrators if you have any
Steven A. McKay
Cornell Cooperative Extension of Columbia County
479 Route 66
Hudson, NY 12534
(518) 828-3346; (518) 828-3069 (fax)
Please note: Due to frequent problems with e mail services, please contact 
me by phone if you do not get a response to e mails
sent to this address

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