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[nafex] New lists re: Gooseberries and currants

I will be managing two new lists regarding ribes (gooseberries and currants), 
one the 
ribes interest group from NAFEX and the other is the small scale commercial 
and home 
growers list for The International Ribes Association. All persons with an 
interest in 
gooseberries and currants are invited to join one or both of these lists.

In addition to the usual questions and comments from members, I will try to 
add timely 
Comments about what is going on in a small scale commercial planting, here in 
PA. I will comment on varieties I find good or not-so-good, some cultural 
practices that 
I think are worthwhile, and ways that I do things here. This is not to say 
that all that I do 
or say is the best way to go, but is just how I do it.

The lists will be open to comment, question or suggestions from all who would 
like to 
comment. Some questions may be too complicated for me to answer, but none are 
too simple.
I do have some good resources, nationally and internationally that may be 
able to handle the
really "hard ones"

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List Administrator: Ribes60@currants.com   (E. F. Mashburn)

The target audience is small scale growers of ribes who will have different
challenges than the commercial grower. Discussion for those Ribes growers
with hobby and small scale interests will be available. Growing, processing,
and selling fresh fruit and processed products is the focus. This
international list is open to all producers and support staff involved in
production of the fruit. Discussion will be related to small scale
production, business or marketing issues.

How to Subscribe and Unsubscribe

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Hope to see you "online"

Northumberland BerryWorks
707 Front Street
Northumberland, PA 17857
(570) 473-9910

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