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Re: [RibesNAFEX] Mulching new currants


Will newspaper 2 sheets thick be a problem for new canes, or will the
newspaper be soft, rotted and easy for new canes to break through in 7
months time?

Just got done collecting my manure pile for next season, and some mulch
for this season.  Thank goodness for front end loaders, and people willing
to let you use them.

Beautiful day here is SW Ontario..



On Fri, 28 Sep 2001 Ribes60@aol.com wrote:

> Tom, why remove the mulch in the spring???  It will help hold moisture,
> stabalize the temperature at the roots and will suppress some weeds. I do not
> think that this is too much mulch, most of my new plantings are year old
> plants, then I place about 4 to 6 inches of year old leaves around the
> plants, the following spring, (if I can get to it) I add another 4 to 6 in of
> leaves. My planting is in rows with approx 30 in between plants and the rows
> are spaced about 6 to 8 feet apart, I mow the grass between the rows.
> Ed
> Northumberland BerryWorks
> 707 Front Street
> Northumberland, PA 17857
> Ed@currants.com
> WWW.Currants.com
> (570) 473-9910

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