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Re: [nafex] interim reply, row question

Thanks for the imput,
Currants do seem the best choice. I don't know of their life expectancy 
though, or root spread. I consider plums also but I have seen plum trees 
that are quite large, perhaps 15' dia.- any ideas on this?
Since the apple roots would have to spread 7 to 8 feet to be in competition 
I figure I've got 10 to 15 years in this climate before its a major issue.
I was thinking of trailng type blackberries- figuring they would not be 
invasive like the uprights. But they might have the same kind of deep 
stubborn, difficult to eradicate roots that asparagas have.

Which leads me to a pertinent question...In apple orchard discussions it is 
typical to mention them as in rows - however, I grew up around almonds and 
english walnuts, they don't have rows, they are planted on a grid patern 
equal in all directions. So I planted my apples on a similar grid of about 
18 feet. Am I missing something?  Perhaps this is the concern over interim 
plantings being too crowded, etc. What I think to do is plant one interim 
plant between each pair of trees, that is, 9' from any tree.   Thanks! Mn. 

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