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RE: [nafex] Sacrificing Flavor


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Don said (much of his comments snipped)
>But consumers don't automatically know
>that.  They have to be told by someone, and that involves advertising,
>either at the producer level, or by buyers and processors. 

This reminds me of the cranberry industry and it's marketing efforts.  They
have taken a berry that is hard to grow and useless fresh, and made it into
a popular year-round product, and they have a "co-operative" growing and
marketing arrangement that controls the growers with an iron fist, and they
have concessions (in Wisconsin at least) regarding use of wetlands and water
resources that would get other people thrown into jail, witht he end result
that they are selling an inedible (my family's opinion at least) in an
unadulterated form berry all over the country year round. 
They have done this with marketing.  I have a good friend who has a small
cherry orchard in  Door county, WI, and learned from him that the cherry
industry doewn't have the marketing savvy to sell a product that is edible
and usable right from the tree.
Something wrong here.  I guess it's just the American way.


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