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[nafex] Re: Persimmon recommendations for zone 5

I have three messages, one each for Lon, Gordon, and Lee: 
I recall you saying that before about some persimmon variety 
producing seeds in some areas and not others, but didn't recall it 
was Meader. I did do an archive search on this topic and don't know 
why I didn't pick up your previouis post on this. Anyway, it looks 
like, if I don't want seeds, which sounds like a huge marketing 
advantage, especially for a smaller persimmon, assuming quality is 
equivalent to seeded fruits, then it seems like I might try to grow a 
row of Meaders in hopes that at least some of the branches will be 
Which brings me to my question: Are you implying that if the fruit of 
a Meader is "pollenized" by a male branch from a Meader, that it will 
either not bear fruit at all (if in the wrong location) or will bear 
seedless fruits (as in Oregon)as long as there aren't any other male 
trees nearby... From the nursery descriptions, the Meader is the only 
one that is listed as hardy to -35 F. None of the others have a 
rating. I am thinking of growing enough for sale to local coops. So, 
size and lack of seeds would be factors as well as flavor. Yates 
seems to be the largest, at 2.25" but hardiness I don't know. The 
literature says that it too will produce seedless fruit if "grown 
without a pollinator". I suppose that it, like the Meader must 
produce male branches.

Gordon, you say that only one ripens and drops hardy persimmon. Which 
might that be? Is it a seedling you grew yourself?

Lee, thanks for the tip about Roseyanka, I'll see if I can contact 
Jerry Lehman about its hardiness, I think that Terre Haute is zone 6 
Kevin B

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