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[nafex] rootstocks

I'm new to this online group (heck, I'm new to online ANYTHING) but I have a 
few questions.
Is this thought of as sort of an extension of POMONA?
Does anyone have any idea where I can get a small amount of dwarfing cherry 
rootstocks? I have in mind the Gisela series? I could split an order with 
someone- the only places I've seen to order it only have it im HUGE 
Also, how about standard peach rootstocks?
I have planted out a few of the prunus fruticosa - would they be ok to graft 
They don't look like they're doing real well- it will be a couple of years at 
this rate before I can graft. Has anyone had any experience with them?
I am mainly looking for stuff to order for the spring- I doubt that I could 
find anything now; even tho it is the best time of the year to plant here in 

Amy Hayner

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