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Re: [nafex] kitty litter mouse skeedoo ?

Lucky, your 2 cents are worth a million. I presume the cat litter mouse 
repellant is a bad idea in an apple orchard thats dropping apples. Any clue 
how long lasting the baddies are in soil?

My orchard will be a few years to fruit bearing, and by then the trunks will 
be more mouse resistant, but I wonder if a winter application would endanger 
fall crops?

I picture only a few 'spoonfuls' near each tree so consider the clay 
addition minimal.  thanks, del

>From: Lucky Pittman <Lucky.Pittman@murraystate.edu>

>you'd better be doing one heck of a good job of washing those edibles which
>may have come in contact with cat feces, which may contain a number of
>potentially life-threatening human pathogens, such as Toxoplasma gondii and
>various roundworm eggs.  Personally, I have enough trouble with
>free-roaming cats using my garden as a litterbox without intentionally
>adding more cat feces to up the ante.
>Clay does not 'degrade' .  Litter made from corncobs, wood chips, or waste
>paper does.   While in my book, a nice clay soil is a good thing to have,
>many gardeners spend years amending clay, and would probably look askance
>at the thought of adding more bentonite, etc. to their clayey soil.
>Just my $.02.

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