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[nafex] Summer pruning persimmons and paw paw

The Dave Wilson site recommends summer pruning for size control of 
standard trees for apple and I believe pear. Has anyone tried 
controling the size of persimmons using summer pruning? How about paw 
paw? Didn't I read that persimmons drop their branches like leaves? 
Would this habit affect the way one would summer prune them? 
I am putting out about 5 persimmon and 5 paw paw in prime orchard 
space, taking the chance that summer pruning will control their size. 
If not, they will shade the apple trees. Any advice? Thanks much! 
If I get a "definately this will not work" then I might dig them up 
and put something else in their place. But anything short of that, 
I'll probly leave them there and experiment.
Kevin B
z 3 and 5

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