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[nafex] Wis. Balmer peach/ Cold Hay Advice

Ed, you got my curiosity up, so I did a google search and this is the first 
thing that popped up, and thanks to this I found a site valuable to cold 
region folk that I'd never heard of before, so Thanks! Del

    "Are there any peach varieties hardy to mid zone 4 or zone 3? If so, 
which nurseries carry them?" (E-mail reference)
     A: "Your selection is going to be limited, but you might try Reliance 
or Wisconsin Balmer, both hardy in zone 4. I can't find anything for zone 3 
or I'd be growing it myself!"

<http://www.ext.nodak.edu/extnews/hortiscope/tree/peach.htm>  copied the 
above from bottom of this page
<http://www.ext.nodak.edu/extnews/hortiscope/contents.htm>    this is the 
homesite of N. Dakota Extension discussion site
<http://www.ext.nodak.edu/extnews/hortiscope/tree/treecntnts.htm>    tree 

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