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[nafex] zone 3 peaches

I've tried Reliance for a few years.  No luck whatsoever, and it always died
to the snowline for me, even in mild winters.  I have heard of a fellow
successfully fruiting Reliance in southern Manitoba, zone 3.  However he
totally surrounded the trees in an "igloo" made up of rectangular hay bales.
Don Birkholz in Montana also fuits peaches in zone 3.  However he plants
them in an 8 ft. trench, with the trees at the bottom of the trench.  In
winter he covers the trenches with boards and plastic.  Snow collects on the
top and insulated the trees.  That's a lot of work to go to, and I guess I
don't want peaches that badly personally.  I do have a self fertile Lapins
sweet cherry in a large pot on G6 rootstock.  I buried it on its side in the
garden last year, and it came through the winter well.  I just finished
shovelling more snow over it as I buried it again this last fall, about a
month ago.  With luck I may get some sweet cherries this summer.  But the
only way to grow peaches or sweet cherries in zone 3 is to give them
extraordinary protection in the winter.  I'm sure it would be possible to
breed peaches and sweet cherries that would be hardy in my zone, its just
that there is no economic reason to do so at present, so nobody is doing it
to my knowledge.
Bernie Nikolai
Edmonton, Alberta

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