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Re: [nafex] mycorrhizal fungi?

Gianni, I'm interested in the myco propagation subject. If it lives on/with 
living roots... I would think it would take living roots to propagate it. I 
would think that 'dead' bark would only propagate the non-desirable type 
(unattached). That one would have to grow, say, an apple tree with it on the 
roots. Then dig up the small tree and scrape? the roots? Is my thinking way 
off?   Del

>I might try to inoculate some conifer bark mulch and never let it get hot 
>and this could be a way of perpetuating more. If you ever notice. Bark 
>mulch left to stand alone in time when disturbed, will exhibit tiny 
>capillary like webs
>and this is a form of gigaspora.
>Best wishes,

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