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Re: [nafex] Zone 3 mycorrhizal fungi test

I tried a similar experiment in our garden on peas and tomatoes with similar 
results to yours, Bernie. Was quite suprised. Though it doesn't make me give 
up on the stuff, it makes me wonder. It was one of the grey powder mixes.
In one of the posts on this subject I saw the word gigaspora, new one to me, 
I figured it meant giant spore. A little web search showed it's one of two 
genus of mycorrhiza - glomens and gigaspora. One nursery mix of endo type 
had 8 glomens and one gigaspora. This shotgun approach worries me a bit. 
Here is a url of one such list.                      
<http://www.rootsinc.com/landarchhome.htm>  What if some have
negative effects on certain specie?
Is there no research on which genus only to use for say malus or
prunus ?

Del Stubbs
ag zone 2/3
Pinewood Forge

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