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Re: [nafex] mycorrhizal fungi failure?

Bernie recounted his less than stupendous results with mycorrhizal fungal 
inoculants on apples.

My experience with it on oaks & pecans was similar.
I used a mycorrhizal inoculant & hydrophilic gel on a dozen bareroot pecans 
and about 30 bareroot oaks(red & burenglish) that I planted, lining the 
driveway, in the spring of '95(or '96, I'm losing track of time).  All were 
in the 4' range.  Most have still failed to grow to any significant extent 
- with the exception of some the oaks the neighbors' llamas ate to the 
ground before I put tree shelters on.  Bur oak seedlings, 6" tall, planted 
at the same time, without inoculation, are now 8-10 ft tall.
I'm strongly considering cutting the red oaks down to ground level and 
selecting a nice, straight shoot from the root collar to become the 'tree', 
replacing the crooked things I've got right now.

Despite all the 'good press' mycorrhizae have gotten, I'll have to say I'm 
not overly impressed.
Lucky Pittman
USDA Zone 6
Hopkinsville, KY

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