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Re: [nafex] Re: Apple and mycorrhizal fungi

The below is consistent with my results, which is that applying myco
starter doesn't make much difference.  I've tried three brands, now, and
all the plants did about as well as I would have expected without the
spores.  When I've treated only a few of a group of plants, I've never
seen much difference.  My guess is that the local soil already has myco
spores, and all the plants are "treated", whether I add more spores or

I think I will keep sprinkling it onto my seed flats - I sometimes
neglect to water them as often as I ought to.


Thomas Olenio wrote:
> Hi,
> Here is the response from "Plant Health Care" regarding my myco.
> questions.
> Tom
> --
> On Thu, 6 Dec 2001, Mike Kernan wrote:
> > I have read your questions.  There may be some mistaken assumptions about the nature of the mycorrhizal association.  Your questions suggest a mistaken understanding that the non-inoculated trees and plants were not associated with mycorrhizal fungi, and therefore, the differences between the treated and untreated trees or plants could be attributed to the presence of mycorrhizal fungi in one group, and its absence in the other.
> > In fact, all trees and almost all plants growing in the field are mycorrhizal, whether you inoculate them or not.  . . .

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