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Re: [nafex] Clementines?

In New York city, "tangerines", "clementines", and "mandarins" are all
marketed separately, although they look quite similar and are available
at the same time of year.  Tangerines are the largest of the three, with
(usually) the loosest skins.  They have a distinctly "tangerine"
flavor.  The are flatter in shape, and have a few seeds.  Clementines
are smaller, nearly seedless, and have skins nearly as loose.  They are
very sweet and taste more like oranges than like tangerines.  As I don't
care for the tangerine flavor, I prefer them.  Unlike the others, the
boxes are always marked "product of Spain".  Mandarins are the
prettiest, and sometimes have bits of stem attached.  They are less
sweet, have tighter skins, and plentiful seeds.  They taste like sour
clementines, and are sometimes dry.

I have no idea how the marketed fruits relate to species or cultivar.  

Clementines are available now in my Massachusetts supermarket.  I also
saw some this summer - imported from South Africa!


Kathleen Meigs wrote:
> Hi there from out West--
> I hope this is of interest:
> We grow lots of citrus including "tangerines" out here in southern and
> central California. Clementine is one variety of tangerigne or mandarin
> orange. We prefer satsuma mandarin as sweeter, juicer, easier to peel.
> Seedless tangerines (of which there are several varieties, including Pixie,
> are the best for gulping down).

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